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Primary English tutors

As part of our specialist English tuition, we offer a free, no obligation assessment in English. This enables us to gauge what is needed to get to the level desired. Through direct teaching and individualised support, our students have an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge across all areas of language. These include Phonics, Spelling, Grammar and Comprehension. With our English tuition In Kilmarnock, improvement in these areas will also have a direct impact on the ability to handle the wider curriculum.

Secondary English tuition

We can offer a free initial induction lesson. This will enable us to assess the needs of your child and allow them to see if they are comfortable with the set-up. Entering Secondary Education can sometimes feel daunting. Our experience and knowledge in providing English tuition in Kilmarnock will help guide your child through the educational demands of the Scottish curriculum.




Bespoke English Tuition

Teaching will always be tailored to the student's needs and appropriate to the individual student's level. In S1-S3 we will build upon the skills developed in primary school. We will focus on Close Reading, Written Work and Speaking and Listening. Working on these will help develop the crucial skills necessary for work in S4 onwards.




 Lessons tailored to the Scottish curriculum

We have an in-depth knowledge of the Scottish Curriculum at both Nat 5 and Higher. We will help your child with knowledge, study skills and exam technique. With practice and a good understanding of the syllabus content your child will feel more confident and prepared for their exams. In our work providing English tuition in Kilmarnock, we use materials aligned with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). This includes a combination of textbooks, worksheets and online resources.  We cater for a range of needs, providing tuition at all levels for those who may have fallen behind in their schooling, as well as those who are aiming to excel at Nat 5 and Higher.



Your English tuition options:

  • Lessons are 1 hour 10 minutes and cost £32. There is a sibling/multiple lesson per week discount available.
  • For primary students we offer a free assessment. This will let you know how your child is doing and which areas might need more support.
  • For secondary students we offer a free 40 minute trial session to assess their needs in the subject and allow them to decide if what we offer can benefit them.




Contact your local English tuition specialists

Get in touch with Julie on 07485 798 380 for more information about our English tuition in Kilmarnock. She will be your first point of contact and will arrange for you to speak to the appropriate tutor.

For specialist English and Maths tuition in Kilmarnock contact us today or request a call back by text or email: .

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 Opening Times

Our class times are:

Monday - Thursday : 3pm-8.30pm
Saturday : 10am-1pm

Where To Find Us

You can find our teaching space on Portland Road, Kilmarnock above Boots Chemist. Our post code if you are using a SatNav, is KA1 2BT.

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